In the third stage of the project Dedicated Works Workshop was held on 22 March 2019 at Anadolu University Hall 2016, with the participation of seven composers. The workshop, moderated by Pieter Snapper, consisted of two sessions and five concerts in total.

In the workshop, with the participation of Anadolu University State Conservatory Faculty Member Associate Professor Dr. Berkant Gençkal, Anadolu University State Conservatory Lecturer Danyal Manti, Mersin University State Conservatory Lecturer Semih Korucu, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory Lecturer Professor Dr. Hasan Uçarsu, Haliç University State Conservatory Academician Professor Mesruh Savaş, Garrett Byrnes (USA), Giovan Battista Martini Conservatory (Italy) lecturer Marcus Siqueira, the contribution of these works to the repertory and the effect of the dedication tradition on the writing process were discussed. The participation of composers living abroad in the workshop was made possible by videoconferencing.

In the concerts performed during the workshop, the works of composers  Danyal Manti, Mesruh Savaş, Semih Korucu, Hasan Uçarsu and Berkant Gençkal were performed by Beril Can, Ece Yavaş, Emel Çelik, Elif Canbazoğlu, Elif Güngör Sarıkaya, Ilayda Sezen, Kaan Soysal, Nilay Göstermiş, Yağmur Yildirim and Yiğit Vural. The third phase lasted for a month as planned.